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Munson Marauder. Ash body finished in Bare Naked.
Munson Marauder. Ash body finished in Bare Naked.

Custom shop guitars provide an incredible opportunity for you to design your own guitar based on one of our popular models. With hundreds of combinations to choose from, your custom guitar will be personal to you.

One thing you won’t find is a fully automated buying process. We believe that just as a custom guitar is personal to you, we need to understand more about you in order to bring your dream to life. That is why you don’t just interact with a website, you will be working directly with us from initial concept and throughout the build. You will receive regular updates along the way, so that you can be virtually part of the build experience.

custom shop guitar setup

We start with your design brief so we know what you want.  You select the specific body blank, colour, finish, electronics, and well, everything. Starting with a simple form we capture as much information as possible. Then we get in touch to discuss the project in more detail. We will help with any areas you are not sure about, or perhaps mention some of the latest tech you might not be familiar with. Once we fully understand what you want  we will give you a quote for your build. It’s important to remember that you won’t be asked for any money until you accept the quote. So feel free to play around with the configurator until you get close to what you want. 

Munson custom shop guitar headstock

Every custom shop guitar is built from scratch for you by one of our luthiers right here in Great Britain. The typical build time is 12-16 weeks depending on the finish. You will be kept you up to date on progress throughout the build.

Ready to get going? Then choose one of the models below to get started.

Custom Shop Guitars – Models


Tempest custom shop guitar front view

With styling inspired by the classic T-style design that has been rocking the world for decades, the tempest custom shop guitar is a blend of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technologies.

Named after the RAF fighters, both old and new, the tempest  combines flowing curves and hard edges. It’s a guitar that feels smooth and plays fast. 


Munson marauder custom shop guitar front view

The marauder custom shop guitar is a re-imagining of the classic off-set J-style featuring lighter and more resonant materials which give this instrument a distinctive tone. Like the inspiration for its name, the British adopted American twin engine bomber, the marauder will do the heavy lifting in any situation. With a distinct shape and flowing curves, the marauder feels edgy and flies, whether on stage, in the studio or jamming at home.

Coming soon

We have another new model coming shortly. Based on one of the most iconic shapes of all time, this is the S-style guitar that we get the most requests for. Sign Up for updates and early bird offers.

Custom Shop Guitars – Tech

The technology we have packed into the various models means that they can be configured to suit almost any playing style. Pickup options include our selection of British hand wound Bare Knuckle pickups and the super cool Fishman Fluence pickups. These enable us to complete your instrument with the tone you desire.

Tempest Custom Shop Guitar
Tempest. Ash body in Cabernet

Innovative switching technology gives you an amazing variety of distinct sound options for the ultimate in versatility.  The traditional capacitors and CTS pots ensure a precision audio taper which gives you smooth and accurate response. Crank your guitar up to 10 and the volume swells all the way—no abrupt flattening to choke your play. We have created a selection of control circuits to give you the flexibility to find one that best fits your playing style.

All our models feature fully screened electronics which eliminate buzz from electrical interference. We use rare earth magnets to secure the backplate to the body. This makes for a quick, easy and tool free access to the control cavity.

It’s all about the finish

At Munson Guitars we always prefer to use finishes which leave the grain visible so that you can see the beauty of the wood. We start by adding highlights to the grain before we apply a colour tint. By blending natural stains we can create an amazing number of colour variations. We have created a pallet of colours and combinations so that you can select ones that best express your personality and playing style.

Left handed custom shop guitar
Left handed Tempest Retro in Relaxed Mahogany

Can’t find a colour that you like? No problem, we have a custom option where we can create a tint or colour especially for you. After all, there is nothing better than to have your unique colour on your custom shop guitar.

There are two finishing options for the guitar body. The oil finish gives a soft, smooth satin finish which will show honest wear over time. Should you want a traditional gloss body, nitrocellulose gives a high sheen that looks amazing and will allow the finish to age gracefully. 

Munson Guitars tempest custom shop guitar
Tempest in Relaxed Denim

The maple neck includes a contrasting dark walnut skunk strip (one piece necks). The wood is protected and enhanced by a proprietary blend of finishing oil. This delivers a hard wearing, yet soft satin feel for a super fast action.

6 Munson Guitars tempest vintage modern
Tempest in Burnt Amber

When you’re not sure where to start

If it all seems a bit daunting or you have other options in mind? Please use the button below to schedule an online appointment and let’s have a chat about your project.

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