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What is the Avenger?

The Munson Avenger is a custom guitar takes the Classic S shape to the next level. It’s not a re-issue or rehash, but a step forward. It is where we imagined that Leo Fender would have gone with the Strat if he had the chance.

Inspired by the versatile aircraft it’s named after, the Avenger custom guitar is designed to be played in any situation. And, like its name has taken new meaning over the years, so too will the S-style be redefined by the Avenger

RAF Avenger
The Avenger was a multi purpose aircraft which played a major part in WWII in several theatres around the world and is accredited with significantly shortening the war.

What makes the the Avenger special?

Because we are boutique guitar builder, we can give the Avenger the love that the S-style always should have had. This includes:

  • Tweaking some of the lines and the contours of the body to make it smoother and flow more. We kept the same iconic shape but updated it to better suit the modern guitarist.
  • An Extended Reach (ER) cut out to the 22nd fret to make it easier to reach the higher notes.
  • An adjusted arm and belly contours to make it more comfortable for guitarists of any shape or size.
  • A modern two-point, knife-edge Tremolo System with locking saddles, that deliver outstanding tuning stability. Additionally it’s a lot more resonant and easier to work with for the player.
  • Staggered locking tuners (no string trees!) for a cleaner break angle over the GraphTech nut which helps with tuning stability.
  • Modern materials like RichLite on the fretboard, and baked or roasted maple and other hardwoods for the neck. This makes sure that there’s a lot of stability throughout the guitar, as well as great, resonant woods.
  • The option for custom designed pickups along with custom crafted electronics to create the classic tones you’d expect, as well as add a few additional variations. This makes the Avenger even more versatile than the S-style traditionally has been.

Avenger Gallery

“What a phenomenal guitar! Firstly and most importantly, it sounds fantastic! Access up to higher frets is massively improved and I’m still very surprised that the changes in neck heel shape made that much of a difference.”

Ben – Bristol, UK

Starting Specifications

With so many choices there is no “standard” specification for the Munson Avenger. You start with a tried and tested platform and configure it specifically for you. We highly recommend you head over to the configurator and explore the options for yourself.

There are some specifications that come with this model as standard:

  • Body: Solid with ER contour
  • Neck Scale: 25.5” (648mm)
  • Frets: 22
  • Fretboard radius: 12” (304.8mmmm)
  • Bridge: 2-Point Tremolo or Hardtail
  • Machine Heads: Gotoh Staggered, Locking
  • Bolt-on neck: 4 x stainless steel machine bolts
  • Truss rod: Dual Action, adjustable
  • Thickness: 0.73” (18.58mm) at 1st Fret; 0.87” (22.21mm) at 12th Fret
  • Inlays: Aluminium & epoxy
  • Nut: GraphTech Black TUSQ XL
  • Pickups: SSS, HSS or HSH
  • Controls: 1 x Vol, 2 x tone, 5-Way Switch

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Munson Avenger custom shop guitar

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Built to inspire, the Avenger custom shop guitar is a distinctive instrument that will quickly become your go-to guitar.

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Made in Britain
The Avenger is designed and crafted in Norfolk, Great Britain.