Our Custom Electric Guitars

Leigh Fuge and Jon Munson
Leigh Fuge Interviews Jon Munson at the British Boutique Guitar Festival

Our electric guitar product philosophy

When you commission a Munson Guitar, you will be taken on a custom guitar experience. From 3D modelling, to wood selection, through to finishing options and setup. We aim to bring you into the workshop so you can experience the entire process of bringing your custom guitar to life.

Why a Munson Guitar

Owning a Munson is more than just having another electric guitar. It is a statement of unique quality for connoisseurs who enjoy owning  instruments that represent their style, their mood, their personality.

People choose an electric guitar based on how it plays, how it feels, how it looks and its heritage. With a Munson you are central to creating your ultimate custom guitar. It’s your creation, your vision, your dream. We meticulously craft and shape your instrument so that it meets the standard expected from a Munson.

Each British made Munson custom electric guitar is unique and carries a pedigree of timeless quality and craftsmanship which ensures that it will be valued year after year and generation after generation.

Prepping a custom guitar for shipping
Custom guitar in it’s hard case prior to shipping

How we build electric guitars together

We have developed a process we call Custom Guitar Experience®; It’s a collaborative experience from idea to finished instrument. We guide you through the custom guitar designs. Then we bring your instrument to life using our passion for working with wood and technology, using skills and experience learned from three generations of makers and musicians. We focus on your experience from initial contact, too long after you are playing your Munson.

Being friendly to the environments is in our DNA. We are proactively green and actively support local skills and suppliers. From using green and sustainable materials, to sourcing tools and machinery as local as possible. This doesn’t just mean we have a solar panel on the roof. We boast a carbon neutral footprint. We even turn our waste wood into fuel pellets to heat our buildings.

Guitar designed using CAD software
Electric guitar being designed using 3D modelling software

What materials do we use

We make guitars that are amazing to play and beautiful to look at. Instruments are crafted in Britain using reclaimed and/or sustainable materials, traditional crafts and cutting edge digital technologies.

The Munson Guitar community transcends the physical instrument and connects you to an online community. To protect the value of your Munson, we use the latest digital technologies to ensures the provenance of your Munson is preserved, even when it changes hands. We do this by logged, tracked and documenting every element of your Munson, including its life experiences and it’s memories – and yours as well of course…

When searching for British custom electric guitars, you won’t find better than a Munson.

Your Options

There are three options when selecting a Munson electric guitar. Fully bespoke where we design your guitar from scratch, custom shop lets you fully personalise one of our models, or buy one of pre-made custom guitars from our current stock. Please select one below.

If you are unsure which works best for you, please complete the form below and will get back to you and arrange an initial chat about what you are looking for.


If you know what you want…

Go ahead and schedule a call with us if you already know what you want, or if you have an idea that you want to bring make a reality.