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Custom Guitars Made in Britain

When it comes to rock and guitar-based music, Great Britain is up there with the best. With such a rich history of guitar music and some of the world’s leading guitarists, it is somewhat surprising, therefore, that there are no big guitar manufacturers originating from Britain. There’s an old saying that says that “the Americans […]

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Artist Edition, but not what you think…

Gaia: Against the Grain

This one-off Tempest artist edition, ‘Gaia: Against the Grain’, is a collaboration between Cotswold Artist, Emma Howell and British luthiers, Munson Guitars. Featuring an original wraparound abstract artwork hand painted on a Norfolk Ash guitar body. The piece includes brass inlays of the artist’s signature and Munson brand. With styling inspired by the classic T-style […]

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How to commission a custom electric guitar

Munson tempest retro custom shop quarter view

Custom electric guitar buyers guide This is the step by step guide to commissioning the design and building of your own custom electric guitar. Whether you choose a custom shop or bespoke guitar, the experience is very similar. Custom guitar experience We affectionately call the process of commissioning a custom guitar the custom guitar experience. […]