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7 Reasons Why Choosing a Custom Shop Guitar is Best

Tempest Custom Shop Guitar

Whether you are a fanatical guitar collector or are looking to replace your only guitar that’s not quite cutting it anymore, making sure that you get the right guitar is vital to the way that you sound, the way that you play, and the way that you look overall.

When you are considering investing in a new axe, you have a few different options available to you. You could go for an off-the-shelf, brand spanking new guitar, perhaps think about getting a tried and tested second-hand retro guitar, or maybe going for a high-end bespoke guitar. But we think that the best option for you is to get a made to order custom shop guitar.

Here are seven reasons why…

Tempest Custom Shop Guitar
Tempest Custom Shop Guitar

1. Goldilocks zone between flexibility and structure

One of the best things about buying a made to order custom shop guitar is that it sits perfectly in the Goldilocks zone between flexibility over the design of your guitar, whilst giving you the structure of being within the limits of what works best. We can provide you with a standard, quality guitar design but give you the flexibility to enable you to make the tweaks that make it play, feel, and look perfect for you. Right in the sweet spot.

2. Learning from others

We are all different. But we are all similar. Maybe you prefer a particular body wood or a specific machine head. With a custom shop guitar, you can take the lessons learnt from our wealth of guitar-making experience and personalise it with the customisable features that we offer. Whether it relates to your electronic set-up, the finish on the neck, or whether you are right or left-handed, a custom shop guitar gives you a personalised version of a great guitar.

3. New

A guitar can last for years. But they will also deteriorate with age. Unlike a second-hand, retro guitar, a new luthier built custom shop guitar will last years longer, stay in great condition, and mean that you have no need for repairs or replacements any time soon. It will also be more reliable than an older guitar – which is an essential consideration, especially if you are a gigging musician.

4. Visual appeal

We know that looks aren’t everything, but let’s face it, guitars are beautiful creatures! Getting a custom shop guitar enables you to choose many of the physical features of your guitar. These features include the body colour, the finish of the topcoat, knob colour, or the colour of the fret markers, for example. We give you artistic flexibility over how your guitar looks, ensuring that it perfectly reflects your personal style.

5. Custom is what the rock stars do

The top guitar players in the land know exactly what they want in a guitar. Of course, some of them choose to get a bespoke guitar, but many more get made to order custom guitars. A custom shop guitar is not as expensive as a fully bespoke axe but gives you the power to adapt it to be just how you want it to be. A cost-effective bespoke guitar if you like.

6. Custom shop is just as good as bespoke in quality

When it comes to the quality of craftsmanship and the guitar itself, there is no difference between a custom shop and a bespoke guitar. Here at Munson Guitars, our custom shop guitars are all built with the same care, dedication, craftsmanship, and quality as our bespoke guitars, using the best locally sourced materials around.

7.  Unique playing experience

A custom shop guitar will give you a unique, personalised playing experience, allowing you to decide how you play it, how it sounds, and how it looks. A great guitar is an extension of your body, it is your voice and part of your look, and a customised guitar enables you to reflect exactly who you are through your music.

Ensuring that you have the right guitar for you is the key to great playing. If you are thinking of getting a new guitar, you have several options, but the one that gives you the highest quality guitar, for the best value for money is a custom shop guitar.

Our custom shop Marauder and Tempest guitars give you the flexibility to decide the features that suit you and your style whilst being reassured that the basics are effective, tried and tested. You can change everything from the fret wire to the pick-up surrounds, so why not have a look at our custom shop guitar options and let your imagination run wild with its design?

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